Phone Software

Dealing with ineffective workers is one of most challenging problem in a business since they affect the productivity and reputation of the company. If you are in the same situation, do not worry or get stressed because you can solve the problem with a lot of ease. Apart from monitoring employees' computers usage and installation of Time Recording System, you can also suggest using mobile phone software, especially when you equip employees with business phones to enable them execute their duties. Here are some of the common reasons why you should purchase mobile phone software for your organisation.

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Tracking Outgoing and Incoming Calls

The biggest problem in giving employees mobile phones is that they tend to use it for personal calls, especially for outgoing calls. The business will be registering high phone bills because of personal calls. By installing mobile phone program, you will be able to know their call logs and even to track and listen to outgoing and incoming calls of your employees. As such, you will be able to know who calls your employees and on what basis.

Know Messaging Conversation

Mobile phone software enables you to get good features. These features will allow you to read and monitor chats, emails, MMS, instant messaging, WhatsApp and other messaging conversations for both received and sent. Perhaps, they receive or send unimportant messages, bully or gossip colleagues, speaks ill of your company, reveal business confidential information and so on, mobile phone program will be an excellent way of keeping all the messages of the employees.

Track GPS Location

To eliminate your sale division suspicion or employees who go out during office hours, you can install mobile device software to track their current location. This will ensure that employees are not outside for their personal uses during office hours.

Monitor Web Browsing History

A mobile phone is a portable device that gives employees convenience to access internet anywhere anytime. It is right as long as workers access internet for work needs. However, when employees use the internet for accessing social media network buttons, visiting porn or gambling sites and other irrelevant sites, then it will not be good for business. Employing mobile phone program with time recording system is the greatest trick to monitor the browsing history of employees.

View Media Files of Your Employees and Know Application Usage

See the media contents and applications that are saved and installed in every phone of your employee using mobile phone software. Moreover, you will be able to know the frequently used applications and see whether they are related to their tasks or not.

Security Reasons

When there is theft or loss related to mobile phones, it might be a disaster without mobile phone software. The software gives you the tools needed for the recovery of the device like locking it, finding its current location and wiping the sensitive information in it.

Get mobile phone software today for your company to avoid being unprotected and prevent unnecessary loses due to misuse of mobile phones.